William Y. Boyd II ’44

William Y. Boyd II ’44

William Y. Boyd II ’44

(1926–    )

Army, Technical Sergeant

It occurred to me that in my WWII recollection printed in the Fall 2011 Andover magazine I made no mention of the fact that during the German winter offensive (The Battle of the Bulge) the Rainbow Division’s supporting units had not caught up with its three infantry regiments, and we fought as “Task Force Linden,” General Linden being our assistant division commander. It was under Task Force Linden that my Antitank Company was awarded its Presidential Unit Citation for heroism. I would say we took most of our casualties during that time.

As you may know, an infantry division usually contains 15,000 men, but only 9,000 are infantry, divided into three infantry regiments. Ours were the 222nd, 232nd, and 242nd. I was in the 242nd’s Antitank Company Mine Platoon. The rest of the division was made up of artillery, quartermasters, signals, field hospitals, and other units, which, of course, traveled much more slowly than the infantry regiments, since they did not much care to be shot at. We didn’t like it much either, but that was our job.

Boyd is the author of The Gentle Infantryman, published in 1985.

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