Robert A. Jordan ’44

Jordan '44

Robert A. Jordan '44

(1926–    )
Army, Corporal

Two weeks following graduation in 1944, the Army was “testing” me at Fort Sill Field Artillery Training Center in Oklahoma. Previously, I wondered if graduation from Andover might influence evaluators to assign me to a “special” unit. Testing involved height, weight, and physical condition emphasizing feet. Those of us passing the tests were informed that we were “Mule Packers” requiring height and strength to load disassembled parts of 75mm howitzers onto specially designed mule pack saddles together with related ammo and supplies, plus physical conditioning to lead mules long distances over rough terrain.

The Army’s assignment was to a “special” unit but not of the kind I had imagined!

Following WWII, Jordan volunteered for service in the Army Reserve, and then transferred to the Naval Reserve as an Ensign after passing the Certified Public Accountancy exam— following which he was called to active duty in the Korean War in 1950. He was discharged from the Navy as a Lieutenant, ending, he says, his “checkered military service.”

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