Herbert R. Elsas ’28

Elsas '28

Herbert R. Elsas '28

Army/USAAF, Major

Submitted by his son, Skip Elsas ’54

As a starter, my father, Herbert, volunteered for the Air Force, was trained and assigned to Britain, and flew with the 8th Air Force and the RAF for four years. He was promoted to Major and won the Legion of Merit for developing a wireless system for behind-the-lines communication and mustered out just after the A-Bombs were dropped in Japan and the U.S. “won” WWII.

The major effect on me was not having a father figure during middle childhood (ages 4–8) and then dealing with a father who had some of the symptoms of post traumatic stress syndrome. No war stories were ever told, and the family revisited Aachen, the Ardennes and some families in Holland to encourage ventilation and reduce his stress in the late 1940s. I am sure many of our class had a father or other family member who served during WWII.

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