Clifford R. Wright ’43

Wright '43

Clifford R. Wright '43

(1925–    )
Army/AUS, Technician 4th Class

With some luck I was able to escape the artillery replacement job I was trained for in late 1943. With my Andover education I was assigned to the ASTP program for further college education. Unfortunately that collapsed when the program was canceled and we were sent to either the Signal Corps or the infantry. I landed in the Signal Corps and was assigned to the cryptograph section where I spent a couple of years working in the code business. The best part of this was that I met a lot of interesting guys, most of whom had either been to college or were going to college when the army grabbed them. With education I had received at Andover I was on a par with these guys and generally got along with them very well. Our unit was assigned to several European armies since it was necessary to service only high up parts of the armed forces with the training we had. None of our group was an officer and the non-coms who reigned over us were not in any way connected to the type of people we were. I say this because none were college oriented, and only a few had even gone through high school. This was a strange situation and made it difficult take orders from a group of men who really did not know what they were doing.

With my education and background I lived a reasonably normal life in the Army as we moved from city to city in England, France and Germany. A small group of us could arrange to have better quarters than the rest of the men who were trained as linesmen and truck drivers. Wherever we went we were able to augment our life by living off the land so to speak. We bought food in the markets of the cities in which we were billeted and cooked it in our sparse, old hotel rooms. We traveled about the cities in which we lived and got to know certain of the citizens, many of whom invited us to their houses to eat or play bridge or other games. The Andover training I had had put me in a group who spoke several languages and knew how to live in better places than the army offered us.

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