Blake Flint ’40

Flint '40

Blake Flint '40

(1922–    )
Army/AUS, Staff Sergeant

I enlisted in early 1942 and was called to active duty in February 1943. After basic training, I attended the State University of Iowa for six months of intensive study of Personnel Psychology in the Army Specialized Training Program. Just as we finished, the Army abandoned the program, and most of us were shipped overseas. I was assigned to the 11th Replacement Depot, where I worked for the remainder of the war as a Personnel Technician. We processed over 225,000 replacements in Europe, moving from England to France to Belgium, to Germany. When the war ended, we went through the Panama Canal to the Philippines, where we prepared to handle replacements for the invasion of Japan. When the war ended, we went to Japan, where we handled troops going both ways—going home, and coming over to replace those going home. My most memorable experience was being flown over the City of Nagasaki, scene of the second atomic bomb. I was discharged in January 1946 and returned to Yale for my final semester.

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