Peter W. Roome ’44

Roome '44

Peter W. Roome '44

(1925–    )
Navy, Seaman First Class

World War II’s Impact on My Life

A brief summary of my experiences started with PA ’44 Plan A Section. I went into the Navy as a seaman, and after basic training and fire control instruction I joined a newly commissioned ship, the USS Flint CL97. It supplied a vast amount of firepower against enemy aircraft. The ship was awarded four battle stars starting with the battle of Luzon and ending with the invasions of Iwo Jima and Okinawa during relentless kamikaze attacks.

In August 1946, I was recommended for Officer’s Candidate School. The bomb was dropped August 6, 1946, two days after I left the ship.

My experience prepared me for anything and everything in my life thereafter. I’ve tried to make the best efforts in achievements in my various jobs—to never let distractions keep me from my goals. And I value every minute of every precious day I’m alive. I saw too much tragedy.

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