Harris E. Adriance ’38

Adriance '38

Harris E. Adriance '38

(1919–    )
Army/USAAF, First Lieutenant

After three years of almighty struggle I graduated in ’38 determined to cash in on my Andover experience. English was the only course I was good at. So I decided on a job instead of college and landed at TIME Inc. I was thrilled by the opening “for college boys Only”—but Andover spoke loudly, and it worked!

In no time the invitations to WWII were out, and I enlisted with old friends in New York’s Seventh Regiment. As it turned out I traded the four years of college for five years in artillery, a commission, and overseas with the Air Force. Came home and got my job back with LIFE as New England manager for LIFE’s new marketing plan.

I was 28 then and am 92 now. The love of words I nursed at Andover has brought me through the war experience, two rewarding careers, two wonderful wives, and four great children. Dr. Fuess, you said the same prayer every morning in chapel—and I THANK YOU NOW!

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