Andre R. “Andy” Janus ’56

Janus '56

Andre R. "Andy" Janus '56

(1938– )

Submitted by Phil Bowers ’56, from Andover magazine Class Notes (Fall 2010)

Reading histories of World Wars I and II is a mainstay in Andy Janus’s life. The reading derives from the fact that his family fled Russia for France after the Bolsheviks murdered his grandfather, an officer in the Czar’s army. As if that were not enough, Parisian ex-patriot life became a nightmare when the Germans invaded in 1940. Andy and his older brother, Nicholas ’54, were shipped to Normandy with their grandmother, where they lived under the occupation. Andy, about 5 years old at the time, tells the story of being terrified by a German shepherd that playfully leaped over him while he was running home from kindergarten. Minutes later a knock at the door revealed two German soldiers who had come to apologize! V-E Day arrived on Andy’s birthday, and he assumed then that all the fuss was about him.

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